The Motorists Insurance Group


The Motorists Insurance Group is headquartered in downtown Columbus, Ohio, with offices throughout the Midwest. Motorists identified a need at its 20-story, multi-tenant corporate office building to develop a security strategy for upgrading and/or replacing its aging, failing security technologies.

The company desired to implement a more contemporary platform with a centralized security control center, positioned to manage its headquarters and outlying facilities.


SRMC partnered with Motorists and recommended a vulnerability study along with a review of the security department operations, including staffing, policies, procedures and processes and security technologies.

Based on the assessment’s findings, SRMC delivered a report recommending security program improvements, including operational and technology enhancements. This report outlined how Motorists could phase in these recommendations over several budget cycles.


    Based on the report’s results, Motorists engaged SRMC to:

    • Assist with recruiting a new security manager.
    • Provide a comprehensive security system design to include new video management, access control and visitor management systems—all managed from a new security command center.
    • Provide design criteria for full-height revolving turnstiles and optical barrier-style turnstiles to fit the unique configuration of the facility and lobby, improving access management of staff, visitors and building tenants