Using our Holistic Security Process we’ll lead you through the design and implementation of a security plan that fits your needs today and prepares you for tomorrow.

At SRMC we’ve used our real-world experience and technical expertise to safeguard leading businesses and organizations worldwide, in diverse industries: Education, Healthcare, Corporate, Government, Retail, Architecture & Engineering and Cultural Properties, among others.

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The full range of services we offer includes: 

  • Domestic and international physical security vulnerability assessment;

  • Security program master planning;

  • Virtual security management – supporting in-house management and contract services in planning for and addressing emergent situations;

  • Workplace violence prevention assessment and program development;

  • Threat assessment team development, training, and support;

  • Security technology master planning and standards development;

  • Security technology systems design, specification and acquisition/installation support;

  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) principles review;

  • Public Safety operations assessment and audit, including arming studies and Clery practices reviews;

  • Security guard force assessment and audit;

  • Security guard force RFQ development and acquisition support;

  • Policy, procedure, and process assessment, development, implementation support, and audit;

  • Crisis management plan development;

  • Emergency management and crisis response planning and training;

  • Emergency management/workplace violence drills;

  • Expert witness services;

  • Security management recruitment support;

    • Organizational models, position descriptions, ad placements, and candidate pre-screenings.

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We brought in Security Risk Management Consultants because we wanted a detailed analysis of the school’s security condition: where we were at that time, where we should be, and what steps needed to be taken to get from point A to B. We also felt it was important to have an unbiased perspective, one that wasn’t slanted towards a particular product or manufacturer, and that’s what we got with SRMC. SRMC developed a multi-year roadmap for us, helped us prioritize to get the most value within our budget, developed bid specifications, administered project oversight, and in general helped us to stay on track with the original plan. We’re very pleased with the relationship the school has with SRMC!
— Doug Bennett, Director, Facilities and Grounds The Columbus Academy, Gahanna, Ohio