What do you mean by "independent" security consultant?

Independent consultants have no affiliation with the sale of security hardware or guard services.  Independent consultants do not pay or receive finder’s fees.


What can you do for us that an integrator can't do when they do an assessment of our property?

We offer independence of thought when it comes to solutions.  Our assessment process and recommendations are not limited to the use of technology as a sole solution for security challenges.  Since we do not sell any security technologies, we always have the best interest of our client and are not trying to sell you technologies that you do not need, will not work for your environment, or oversell you a product to make more profit.


What do you mean by layered security?

The overlapping of multiple security solutions and strategies that could include physical control, technology, policies and practices, security staffing when appropriate with the participation and buy in of those who are being protected.  Think of the concentric circles of protection utilizing multiple layers of security from the perimeter of the property, to the exterior of the building, to inside the building.  The more layers of security that exist between the outside world and the assets you are protecting, the better the security.


What is the value of talking with our employees?

Employees offer a unique viewpoint that come from the perspective of an employee rather than those of an administrator or consultant.  Change is often difficult for individuals so when employees have an opportunity to be heard regarding their perceptions of security and safety in the workplace, they will feel a part of the solution as an organization implements process changes, technology enhancements, security awareness training, and other components within the security realm.


Am I in compliance with Clery?

A common concern of higher education institution clients is whether they are in compliance with the Clery Act.  As security consultants we do not give legal advice.  On legal matters it is always best to contact your general counsel.  We can provide a review of your annual safety report and related policies and practices.  We will make recommendations based on our knowledge and experience with Clery.  SRMC staff consultants have served as the Clery Coordinator for a major university for 20 years, served on the US Department of Education’s Negotiated Rule Making committee for VAWA/CLERY, provided testimony before the Senate, and have provided input in congressional hearings on these very important laws.

Similarly, our team has broad experience across many disciplines and can evaluate policies and practices against a variety of professional standards.  These include agency accreditation, training, emergency management and entertainment/sport event best practices.

How does our security operation compare with another in our industry?

The process of benchmarking compares your key performance metrics with those of others in the business.  Ideally a benchmark review looks at organizations that are alike.  This could be a similar operating environment, approximate size, geography, number of employees, or customer demographics as an example.  Public Safety/Security operations might also be appraised against survey data compiled by academic or public sources.

The SRMC Assessment process can provide benchmark research and include this comparison as a point of reference upon the request of a client.

How are you different from an engineering firm that designs security systems?

We differentiate ourselves in many ways to ensure our clients and architectural partners receive a highly professional and complete design package, customized to meet the design needs of our clients.  SRMC invests heavily in our staff to ensure they are educated on the latest physical security technology trends and emerging security technologies.  Additionally, our staff have the most sought after and recognized security credentials in the industry (CPP, PSP, and CSC). Finally, SRMC uses AutoCAD, Revit and Bluebeam to prepare highly professional designs to ensure a seamless integration into the overall design process.


How can we be sure that our confidential information is being protected?

Confidentially and protection of both client and SRMC intellectual information is paramount as we understand the ramifications if data is compromised. SRMC deploys the most contemporary encryption and cyber security methods on network connections and servers as well as on staff issued laptops.  We invest in using a third-party, trusted, external cyber and network consultant to periodically review our systems to ensure we are implementing the most secure measures available in the marketplace.

Do you work with industries other than what’s listed on your web page?

Yes, we do however It would be impossible to list all the types of organizations with whom we’ve done business.  We have been in business for 30 years and over that span of time we have had the opportunity to work in nearly every market.  We pride ourselves on creating a unique relationship with each of our clients.  If you don’t see your business sector listed, just contact us to discuss your specific needs.


Why should I choose your company over a Security Services company that provides guard services in addition to conducting assessments for free?

SRMC conducts independent security assessments but does not provide security guard services.  A security guard company will usually provide security assessments in addition to guard services but they may be bias in their recommendations.  A critical part of the  SRMC security assessment is to determine your organization’s security risks, vulnerabilities, needs and types of services without bias or influence.  This includes helping our clients determine if they need a contracted guard service or a proprietary one.  Our security consultants have many years of knowledge and experience to help your company make the right decisions to enhance/improve security at your organization.