Harvard University


This internationally renowned university embarked on a multi-decade campus capital plan, recognizing that security and public safety planning was essential. Although the university police were well respected and competent, their focus was on response and service delivery rather than security and process assessment, long-term planning and technology implementation and integration.


The SRMC team engaged key stakeholders throughout the university and community. Using our Holistic Security Program Management Model™, SRMC provided a security assessment of the facilities and created a security master plan for the university that focused on a few essential elements.

Educational Institutions’ Security Review

  • Effective security technologies
  • Policies, procedures and processes specific to the university’s needs
  • Organization-wide participation in security efforts
  • Security/public safety program organization and management

Critical to this effort was identifying threats, risks and vulnerabilities impacting the university’s assets.


    A key outcome of the security assessment and planning efforts was the development of a long-term strategic security approach, a security/public safety master plan. The master planning process:

    • Established priorities for program improvement and capital planning
    • Provided guidance for mitigating the threats, risks, and vulnerabilities identified in the assessment process
    • Delivered a roadmap for program improvement.