The Journal of Art Crime

We’re proud to share that Paul Denton and John Kleburg contributed their expertise in the fall release of The Journal of Art Crime.

The Impact of Human Error: How it Places Under Scrutiny the International Art Market and Disrupts the Natural Pace of Academic Scholarship: An Exercise in Provenance Research.

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Lynda Buel
Personal Security Tips for Healthcare Workers

The least expensive and most effective measure you can take to protect yourself against crime is to incorporate certain habits into your daily routine that make you and your family less vulnerable - to adopt a “security conscious” lifestyle. Always be aware of your environment and any possible dangers. Take note of the nearest exits in any facility you visit. A basic rule is to stay alert to your surroundings, trust your instincts, and if you feel uncomfortable in a place or situation, take action, and leave immediately. The best prevention is precaution.

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Lynda Buelhealthcare
Our 360º Security Process

We call it a 360º process because we work to understand your entire operation, not just the security aspects of what you do.  We understand that security is a piece of the puzzle, but not the whole puzzle.  We help organizations prepare, plan, and implement security that supports their operation and protects what matters most to you; your people, your property, and your assets.

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Ryan Magada