Patrick G. Maughan, Consultant


Patrick is a Staff Consultant who has extensive public safety experience, including fire prevention, emergency medical services, campus security, alarm monitoring control center, museum security, risk assessment and emergency management. Most recently as a Risk Manager for Student Life at The Ohio State University, he dealt with reducing the institution’s exposure to potential issues inherent in its operations related to student organizations, intramural sports recreation, overseas travel programs, special events and complying with existing legislation. In addition, Patrick was a principal for a higher education planning firm specializing in campus and museum security, working on projects for a variety of institutions including small rural colleges, private universities and major public and Ivy League institutions.

As the Security Director for OSU, he was responsible for security assessments, drafting and applying standards for security technology, managing a security guard force and a central alarm monitoring center for the campus.

As the initial Director of Security for the Wexner Center for the Arts, Patrick was responsible for creating its departmental operations and staffing plans, hiring and training the staff, creating the security operations manual, deploying the CCTV and alarm systems for securing the artworks and initiating fire prevention and emergency responses planning.

He has been certified as a Fire Safety Inspector and received training and been a presenter at the Smithsonian Institution’s annual museum security seminar, as well as obtained a professional museum security certification from the IFCPP (International Foundation for Cultural Property Protection).

Patrick is an active member of University Risk Management and Insurance Association (URMIA), Disaster Resistant University (DRU) and ASIS International. His experience and training in security assessments, CPTED design, emergency management and risk mitigation enable him to provide comprehensive, real-world solutions for contemporary security and safety challenges.

    Educational and cultural property institutions are the physical embodiment of honoring our past and creating our future dreams and aspirations. I am passionate about collaboratively working with our clients to improve safety and security in these open and dynamic environments.”
    — Patrick G. Maughan

    Professional Affiliations and Certifications

    • ASIS International
    • University Risk Management and Insurance Association (URMIA)
    • Disaster Resistant University (DRU)