Safety: There's an App for That


We live in an uncertain world.

It seems like everyday I turn on the news to see another mass shooting or terrorist event going on around the country. With a son in California, and another daughter and son here in Ohio, I was looking for a way to quickly and effectively communicate with my entire family in the event of an emergency. As I researched some apps and technology, I came across an app called Life360 and was immediately intrigued. It provided location history as well as driving history for the young drivers in the family (which is a great feature to have when you want to see driving habits.)

My oldest son in California thought it was completely ridiculous that I wanted to track him.  I explained to him that it was not for me to “helicopter parent”, but for emergencies when we all wanted to know in live time where each of us were.  He reluctantly agreed to download the app on his phone.  Time went by and I periodically used the app to find out where a family member was whenever I needed to get ahold of them.

Fast forward a few months.

There was an incident on the campus of the Ohio State University where a man rammed his car into a crowd then got out and tried to stab people.  Fortunately, before there were any fatal injuries, a police officer neutralized the situation.  As soon as my son in California heard what was going on at Ohio State, he jumped on his phone and checked where his sister was to make sure she was not on campus or anywhere near the incident.  He was so relieved to find out that she was safe and sound off campus.I received a call that day from my son thanking me for introducing him to the Life360 app.

The world is uncertain. Your security shouldn’t be.

It’s amazing the little things we can do to safeguard our families, employees, and organizations. Sometimes it’s a something small like an app that helps us keep watch over our kids, and sometimes it’s simply having a plan for when things go wrong. I’ve been helping people protect their organizations for over 30 years. I would love to help you! Let’s grab a cup of coffee and talk about your security needs.

Lynda Buel