Our 360º Security Process

The SRMC 360º Security Process is rooted in a deep understanding of your organization’s unique needs.  We don’t just assess your technology and operational needs, we learn about your culture, mission, vision and core values.  This impacts our recommendations and helps us to build a relationship that is deeper than a single engagement because we understand where you are going as an organization.

We call it a 360º process because we work to understand your entire operation, not just the security aspects of what you do.  We understand that security is a piece of the puzzle, but not the whole puzzle.  We help organizations prepare, plan, and implement security that supports their operation and protects what matters most to you; your people, your property, and your assets.



Assess & Learn

We start with a comprehensive review of your security situation.  Every client is unique so we take the time to learn about not only your current security program and technology needs, but also your vision and values.

Assess and review your:

  • Assets

  • Threats, Risks, & Vulnerabilities

  • Physical Security Technologies

  • Security Personnel & Management

  • Policies, Procedures and Processes

  • Prevention Measures and Training


Learn and understand your unique:

  • Culture

  • Mission

  • Vision

  • Core Values

  • Organizational Needs


Strategize & Plan

We can now apply our real-world expertise to all that we’ve learned to create a custom security solution that aligns with your unique needs.


Strategize based on:

  • Business needs

  • Best Practices

  • Security Expectations

  • Compliance Requirements

  • Organizational Resources and Capabilities

  • Budgetary Constraints


Plan based on:

  • Collaboration

  • Prioritization

  • Criticality

  • Complexity

  • Standards


Implement & Support

After strategically planning, we stand with you.  We’ll help you implement, test, train for and manage your physical security operations and technology needs while providing ongoing consulting support



  • The Security Master Plan

  • New Security Program Initiatives

    • Operational Efficiencies

    • Policies, Procedures and Processes

    • Emergency Management and Crisis Response

  • Technology Enhancements

    • Design and Specification Documentation

    • Bid Support

    • Systems Commissioning



  • Employee Training Programs

    • Security Awareness

    • Workplace Violence

    • Active Shooter

  • Audits and Drills

    • Emergency Response

    • Lockdown

  • Regulatory Compliance

  • Security Management Recruitment

  • “Virtual” Security Management

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Ryan Magada